The design of a shotguns action remains virtually unchanged for over 100 years. The engineering achievements of gunmakers in the early 1900’s, producing a mechanism that still works over a century later is remarkable. However, like anything mechanical, it does require some level of service to ensure it will last another 100 years.

Ensuring your gun is given a professional service, gives peace of mind that it will perform in the field. Preventative maintenance provided by our gunsmith will identity any signs of wear that could develop into a fault in the future. Disassembling and professionally cleaning all components of your gun is the only way to ensure its reliability.

Faults with your gun can happen, a striker can break, a rib can come lose or an extractor can fail. Taylor & Co has the capacity to quickly repair and return your gun to you, so you can get back in the field. 

As well as having a Gunsmith on site to attend to your needs, Taylor & Co has developed contacts with the best craftsmen in the trade, we can arrange stock work, barrel work and engraving.

Pricing will vary depending on the extent of the repair, call today to discuss your requirements.

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